Electric-bikes are fantastic. Bike Safety Solution e-bikes are easy to live with, easy to ride further and faster, and they can make your life better all round. But, which one to buy? Where does the battery go? How far can you ride one? All these questions and much more are answered below in our easy guide to e-bikes. Enjoy.

What's an electric bike for?

This is just like riding a bicycle, only even better – with an electric-bike you have a battery-powered motor to assist you along the way. You can ride further, you can travel faster, you can enjoy your journeys more – simply set the motor to enhance your pedal-power, and it’ll help you with every pedal of every ride.


There are two main types of motors Mid-drive and Hub-motorMid-drive motors, which house the motor closer to the center of the bicycle and transfer the motor's power to the rear wheel via the bicycle's chain drive, have become much more common over the last 2-3 years. Hub-motors are the oldest type of e-bike motor. Given the maturity of the technology, they are highly reliable and long-lasting e-bike motors.


Power to take on your new favorite hill!

Why is an electric bike better?

If you’re getting back into riding bicycles, if you want to take the longer route home, if you want to ditch the car and pedal instead, or if you want to carry more, climb more and just ride more, then let the e-bike take you there. It’s so easy.


How do I charge an electric bike battery?

Charging is easy, simply plug and play. Our e-bikes come with everything you need for standard home and office charging. The right bike is matched with the right battery: the size of the battery will determine how far you can go on a single charge, and also how much power the motor has on tap to help you when you need it.


How do I get going on an electric bike?

Jump on board, it’s easy. Just press play, that’s easy too. Select the power mode, pedal away, and our motors will help propel you along. All the ride information you’ll need is displayed right there on the control panel in front. It’s all so, so easy. You’ll wonder why you haven’t done this before.