Water Proof Pocket Mats

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Pocket Camping Mat 👍 Perfect For Your Next Camping Or Picnic! 😍

The mini mat is a small portable mat when folded, its size is only 12 * 10 cm, but when unfolded, it will get a 150 * 180 cm mat as a portable mat that can be used when picnicking outdoors or going to the beach, suitable for having to carry it with you, in addition to not taking up storage space, the shirt is waterproof.


Next outdoor adventure will be terrible with the Wellax Pocket Rug! 

Have you ever had a great day outdoors, until those uncomfortable particles of sand were all over your towel, your belongings, your car? RIP-STOP nylon fabric is the miracle solution. Resistant to sand, water and heat, it will be your ideal companion for your outdoor adventures. 

The Waterproof Pocket Rug is the perfect choice for spending your days outdoors without fear of the elements, whether you are going to the beach, music festivals, picnics or camping. Forget the towels! Whether it's camping, hiking, a simple day relaxing at the beach or planning a lunch break on the grass, you won't want to leave your home without your Waterproof Pocket Mat. 

Enjoy the outdoors anytime, anywhere! 

This lightweight pocket blanket is a perfect size, easy to carry in its cover, fits two people, and folds to fit in the palm of your hand. You no longer have to worry about the space in your backpack, the integrated bag makes it so easy to store and carry! It is so small that you can carry it in your pocket or keep it in your bag or backpack. It is available at all times!


✅ Ideal for picnics, beaches, concerts, festivals, naps, sunbathing on the sandy beach, etc. Waterproof Pocket Mat is small enough to fit in your pocket, purse or your backpack. Unfold and enjoy!  

 ✅ Water and puncture-resistant to keep you clean, dry and comfortable. In this new version, the integrated corner weights deploy to become stainless metal ground stakes. This will keep the Sand Mat flat and secure in the wind. 

 ✅ Choose your favourite colour. blend in with nature and go outdoors prepared and in style! Keep your pocket blanket with you at all times and never miss an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors!

✔︎ Ultra-compact, lightweight and easy to fold
✔︎ Durable, made from high strength fabric
✔︎ canvas waterproofing 
✔︎ Puncture resistance and sand proof

Product Description:

Name: pocket picnic mat
Material: high-grade 210T double-sided waterproof diamond plaid nylon Weight: about 166g
Specification: about 150*180cm/59*70.86in (unfolding size)


Quick Features:

1. Small and lightweight, easy to carry after being folded
2. With a hand-held webbing, easy to carry
3. Super soft fabric, dirt-resistant
4. Good waterproof performance


Wide Uses:

1. Outdoors: used as picnic mats, beach mats, moisture-proof mats;
2. At home: used as children crawling mats, gaming mats, sleeping mats.


Packaging includes:

1x pocket picnic mat

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